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Oppression or Censorship? September 17, 2009

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I will shut down Globovision!   This has become a famous phrase for President Chavez in his TV Show “Alo Presidente”.  He is constantly attacking the Anti-Chavez TV station for not following his ideology.   Do you think he is doing the right thing? Probably you don’t, as millions of Venezuelans living this type of oppression on their freedom of speech.  It seems that President Chavez is leaning more towards CUBAN philosophy– communism, rather than socialism.  Chavez main concern about Globovision is that   it criticizes and shows the reality of his corrupted government, but instead he twisted thing in his favor saying to his followers that Globovision lies, corrupts, and incited the population to rebellion .  He never wants to be the bad guy in the story, instead the president wants to be the hero that everybody cheers and want to be like him. The president is getting used to of blaming the media for what goes wrong in Venezuela. According to The New York Times, Chavez states  that the TV station “allegedly airing a viewer’s text message calling for a coup and the assassination of the President.”  Chavez is using this PERFECT EXCUSE to try to shut down one of Anti- Chavism TV station that is now in Venezuela. Let me refresh  your mind that this is not the first time that Chavez is trying to do such a horrific act.  In May 27, 2007 the government shut down the nation’s most popular and oldest TV station, Chavez refuse to renew RCTV‘s broadcast license. The world was shock for this impartial act the government took on the TV station. People saw this act as  a violations of  humans rights.  With the cancellation of RCTV Chavez created a new channel called Telesur.   From my point of view, this channel is a joke. I don’t think that even followers of Chavez watch the programming being aired.  Chavez use the channel as another means to fill the air with his propaganda and forcing people to see him all the time.  I don’t think Venezuelans are really buying into the idea of the new socialist movement.


Online Sources:
  • Video: freerctv.com, YouTube

3 Responses to “Oppression or Censorship?”

  1. Denise Ortega Says:

    The uproar this move caused in Miami was truly like no other. People were flabbergasted that he would take such measures, and yet Chavez never ceases to awe with blatant abuses of power that he has shown throughout his reign.

  2. Platon Says:

    It’s clearly an abuse of power and a way for him to squash any possible opposition. It is a great strategy for himself because if he can control the media, whether it be radio, newspaper or television he basically controls the communication to a lot of the population in Venezuela because the poor don’t have the means to have internet. Therefore what they hear or read in those forms of communication will eventually dictate what they think or believe. If he is successful at that, he will then in turn always have their support and can remain in power indefinitely.

  3. Barbara Greco Says:

    It is terrible how Chavez is trying to censor any kind of media that does not show what he wants to be shown. I am sure that most of the pro-chavez people do not watch the socialists channels sponsored by the government. It would be a great idea to do a poll regarding this topic, don’t you think so?

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