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No more Cadenas! September 16, 2009

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Imagine that you are watching your favorite soap opera and it is in the middle of a fight. The scene is very intense and it’s caching your attention up to the point that you don’t want to talk, answer the phone, or even move from the sofa. Suddenly the soap opera is interrupted by a national broadcast. A “cadena”, as it is known in Venezuela, can last up to 7 hours. How can you have a national broadcast lasting 7 hours? How much information does a president have that takes all that time to deliver? President Chavez is using the media as a way to control, oppress, and persuaded the minorities ,followers, and non-followers. He is using his presence on television to make sure that people get to know him, and he is forcing people to hear his propaganda and hate messages. He is not only forcing people to hear and see what he wants, but most importantly he is forcing people on what to think. In communication I learn that an effective, direct, and immediate way to influence the masses is by the use of media. This theory is called hypodermic needle. The purpose of the theory is that the more the people are influence by the media , the more the behavioral change. Unfortunately, Chavez wants to control the media as the same way that Cuba does. The president is a follower of socialism, but he is becoming more of a dictatorship. Don’t you think so?
Last summer I went to Venezuela to visit my family and is incredible how often are the national broadcast. My cousins were used to change the channel every time that Chavez starts a new national broadcast, but the people that do not subscribe to satellite can’t do this. They are forced to hear his message full of anti-capitalism propaganda and hate towards developed nations.


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7 Responses to “No more Cadenas!”

  1. Valentina Rodriguez Says:

    I think that Hugo just wants to get fame and try to be all cool. If he keeps on doing this people will just want to turn off the tv and vote him out. No MAs Chavez!

  2. Astrid Kohn Says:

    Do you think, in a psychological way, that any person who can speak in rhetoric for more than 7 hours does not suffer from some kind of psychiatric problem? I invite any psychologists to give their opinions on the personality of Chavez.

  3. Marianna Says:

    I agree that Chavez is using the media with a subliminal message on Dictatorship. He wants to make the venezuelan population to think the same way he thinks. In this century the way people mostly learn is though the media (tv, radio, internet, etc) and if you control what is broadcasted through these then you are also controlling the information people gets. Without an opportunity to show both sides of a story, people become unable to make their own judgement on what they think is right or wrong. Definitivelly Chavez is endoctrinating the venezuelans trough the use of “cadenas” as the only source of “truthfull” information

  4. Dave Says:

    This is his method to brainwash. It’s a way for him to create as little opposition as possible. It’s smart on his part and seems to be an integral part of his plan. the problem is, that since most of the country is lower class an uneducated, they watch, listen and “learn.” He speaks to them and promises them things and believe it. Until it is shown to those people that in the long run he is not helping he will continue to have this control.

  5. Carlos E. Ortega Says:

    The wost of it is that in those 7 hours he have not said anyting that help the peolple to resolve the problems they have (food, health, education etc).

  6. Denise Ortega Says:

    You are absolutely right. This indoctrination that he is trying to impose on the people is a way to influence the masses with his twisted message. This type of control is just…scary.

  7. Andy Negrin Says:

    I had no idea that these transmissions can last up to 7 hours?!?!?!?!! People here in the US complain if the president is interrupting their favorite show for a 1 hour address.

    It’s scary to think that once the media outlets are taken over, the people now have nowhere to go to voice their opposition?? It’s a systematic silencing of a population.

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