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It's time to wake up September 15, 2009

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Have you ever wonder where the government spends your money? Venezuelans are desperate to know the answer. The country is in ruins and the president doesn’t care to solve the problems. According to El Universal, a Venezuelan’s newspaper, President Hugo Chavez alleges that to be rich is not good at all. He insisted that money is not an important factor to have in life. He let the Venezuelan citizens know that he prefers to live in a small apartment than in the Venezuela’s White House, called La Casona.

Isn’t that ironic? When the president has a luxurious airplane, spend more than any other presidents in Latin America, and brags about living a simple life. Who are you going to believe? But I want to clarity that all his expenditures are to support his modern socialism of the 21 century and nothing to aid Venezuelans to cope with its extreme poverty. Furthermore, Chavez is using our money to satisfy one of his propaganda creations: The Movie. A costly propaganda financed through the pocket of Venezuelans.

“ Venezuelan’s government confirms that it has approved almost $18 million to finance a movie about Toussaint Louverture, the leader of the epic 1791 slave uprising that helped make Haiti the first black nation to throw off the yoke of European colonialism” [Times Online]

Chavez is not just funding the movie, but also promoting it by attending the premier of the movie in Spain and Venice.

It looks like the presidents don’t have any responsibilities at all back in Venezuela. He is enjoying his presidency traveling from time to time. It makes me cried when I read in El universal that President Chavez rent a hotel in the luxurious island of Lido and he also rents a whole floor for his entourage. With a cost of 800 Euros per room, it makes me sick in my stomach to think that he is wasting all that money on nonsense. Of course there is no doubt that the money that he is spending in this MARVELOUS movie and the cost of the trip comes from us. I think that is time to wake up and see the reality as it is. President Chavez is not a man of his word. He changes things to find what benefit him and his propaganda of hate and dictatorship.

The Associated Press covered the story and below is a short video of Hugo Chavez at the red carpet event in Venice.  It is obvious that Chavez has a fascination for the  cameras and large crowds, he is seen here playing with the reporters and his supporters.


Online Sources:
  • News Clip:  Times Online
  • Video:  Associated Press, YouTube

5 Responses to “It's time to wake up”

  1. Hildegarth Rodríguez V. Says:

    Te felicito Carola por tan magnífico blog. Ojalá que todos los venezolanos residentes en el exterior, se preocuparan un poco como lo haces tú, en analizar los acontecimientos y problemas políticos que suceden en su país y así podrían ayudar a solucionarlos, porque los que residimos en Venezuela solos no podemos.
    Chávez en el Festival de Venecia, coronó una de sus más caras aspiraciones, llamar la atención mundialmente como artista de cine, ya que una de sus características más destacadas es la de ser un gran narciso, y, encontró el mejor escenario para lograrlo, caminando por la alfombra roja del citado festival, de la mano del excelente productor de cine norteamericano y tarifado Óliver Stone, quien se ha dedicado a enaltecer a los dictadores de América, realizando películas que describen sus logros “maravillosos” que no son realidad y ocultando todos los desafueros, ataques a los derechos humanos, en especial a la libertad de expresión, etc., etc., que todos conocemos realizan contra sus pueblos.
    Para ello botó una millonada de bolívares, mientras en su país la pobreza , el hambre y la inseguridad están diqezmando a la población más necesitada.

  2. Denise Alexandra Says:

    Absolutely pathetic. No other words can describe this. Chavez is, as we all know, a primate. And what of Oliver Stone? The man has the…nerve (trying to keep it clean, though I can think of much better ways to describe this) to call Chavez the “underdog” and say “he has been picked on”? HELLO! Please Mr. Stone, let us know exactly what Chavez you’re talking about because it’s obviously not the ape in power now. Mr. Stone wanted to know why Chavez receives such negative media in the U.S.? Gee, let’s think, besides the horrors he commits in Venezuela, he repeatedly attacks the U.S. and continually threatens the country. We all know that Chavez is an idiot, and we all despise him, but Oliver Stone takes the cake in this one.

  3. Gisela Gonzalez Says:

    Carola, muy completo tu trabajo. Es una pena que personalidades como Oliver Stone, Sean Penn y otros se presten a las payasadas de Chavez. Se alojan en hoteles 5 estrellas, pasean en carros blindados, comen en rest. de lujo y por supuesto no se pelan una paseadita pr los Roques y luego de estar en venzuela 3 o 4 dias se creen con el derecho y la base para opinar sobre “las maravillas” de este arroz con mango que es el socialismo del siglo XXI

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