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How well do you know Chavez? September 14, 2009

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Who does Chavez idolize?

  1. Gandhi


    Chaves often seems to play a Mini-Me role.

  2. Albert Einstein
  3. Fidel Castro
  4. George Bush

You got it!!! FIDEL CASTRO.  Hugo Chavez sees himself as a prototype of Fidel’s anti-imperialism movement against the United States.  Armed with the idea of a new unified Latin America states, Hugo Chavez agenda of a Marxist communism is spreading across the continent.  His allies had financed their political campaigns through the support of Venezuelas’ oil reserves.  With the cold war over for many decades, democratic governments were established in Latin America and the Caribbean.  The days of dictatorships and military regimes were over, prosperity and progress could be seen in almost every nation in the continent.   Collateral treaties with South American,  nations like Chile opened the US market to goods and services, bringing prosperity to the region.  But a new wave of left-swing parties gained strength in the Andes;  Bolivia, Ecuador, and  Argentina became socialist countries.  Aided with Chavez’s new program for an open markets among Latin America nations, ALBA, head of states are promoting new social services and the socialism ideology proposed by Chavez.  Forced to followed his propaganda and methodology, members of ALBA are sworn loyalty to other members and are asked to take arms if the sovereignty of any member is violated.

Chavez tries to play the role of a great politician, or a great military but in reality he is loud, clumsy, and unprepared.   His ideas for the most part are not his at all, but a recompilation of other political leaders that he mimics badly.  The image on the right, I think depicts in full the role Chavez plays in his doctrine.  He is a bad politician, and a failure as a diplomat; his rudeness has no limit and he takes great pleasure in insulting leaders and any other personality that may came across his mind.  The man has no manners!


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15 Responses to “How well do you know Chavez?”

  1. ana maria ortega Says:


    It’s incredible . this dictator try to sell his dream to the whole venezuelan population who is in majority very poor. but the dream last for very long 10 years and nobody awake up fron the real nightmare that is the socialicim of XXI century.
    The dream is a dream of idiots who think that the world will change whith just a dream and not with good ideas , respect for others and hard work.

  2. Astrid Kohn Says:

    Chavez does not believe in progress, educated people, well nourished or taken care for, he has done a lot this past 10 years to prove it, instead he believes in terrorist such as Fidel, Colombian Guerilla, Libyan, Iranian and Iraqi terrorists; he has paired up with the most corrupt, governments in the world, beginning with the most populist governments in South America; and once again he´s made a big effort to prove this in the past 10 years

  3. Shaun Simmons Says:

    Too bad this joker doesn’t use all of that oil money to do something constructive rather that building a metaphorical wall around himself and his allies.

  4. Santiago Perez Says:

    The blog is very well written overall, and speaks up for the average Venezuelan whose political view is against the current regime. One must be aware that the political allies Chavez has made through the ALBA, are not ideologically loyal; you can say that they have been “bought” for Venezuelan oil. Argentina is an example of a two-face country, which continues to maintain good relationships with the US while exchanging goods with Venezuela (unfair exchange of course, due to the brutal amounts of oil Venezuela gives almost for free).

    Keep up the posts, I am always glad to see word of our issues here in Venezuela being spreaded through foreign countries. Remember the voice of President Chavez, is no longer the voice of the Venezuelan people (supposing it once was) . Most of us do not share his xenophobical hate against the US.

    I would like to see some posts about the incredible levels of insecurity the country is going through.

  5. Alex Says:

    He is a serious problem and the fact that his alies are growing and the organization of the efforts are being beefed up, this could turn into a bigger problem than people realized. Would the US invade like they have done before? Probably not, and they shouldn’t, but they should keep a very close eye on things. I wonder what they think of the supposed “socialism” of Obama. Are they secretly happy?

    Keep up the posts, great blog! I ran across it by total luck!

  6. Denise ORtega Says:

    Funny that you post such a question. Living in a community dominated by Cuban and Cuban-Americans this comment comes up repeatedly. Many Cubans feel the pain of the Venezuelan “pueblo” and yet I have heard numerous times, that Venezuelans have taken far too long to react. The writing is on the wall. The example of the outcome of such a regime has been given to us through Cuba’s experience with Castro. Playing Devil’s Advocate here, can we say the Venezuelan people are to blame for such blatant abuses to have taken place? Can’t some argue it is our own fault for year’s of social, political, and economic stratification? Although, I do not share many of those views, I do bring them to the table as questions that others have posed in our Latin American-dominated Miami community.

  7. Enrique Ortega Says:

    I don’t know whether I know Chavez well or not. But what I have observed through the years is that Chavez only and exclusively cares about two things: power and personal image. He will do whatever it takes to remain in power for as long as possible. Main reason for Chavez idolizing Castro is because Castro has the know how to keep the power for life.

  8. Carlos E. Ortega Says:

    Chavez is a Fidel’s very bad copy. At least Fidel Castro is smart. He knows the political games very good. He have the ability of convincing people with his ideas. Hugo Chavez is clumsy and ignorant. He can not convince anybody about his agenda. He needs a lot of money to buy other people’s consciences and sympathy.

  9. Charlie Brown Says:

    Well done! Hugo uses Castro’s personna and popularity to his benefit, just as many ignorant youngsters go and buy Che shirts without really understanding the biography of the man. Unfortunately, perception is reality and with the control over the press, Chavez is capable of shaping the reality for many in Venezuela. I could go on, but I would probably end up writing a dissertation on the subject. Anyways, here is a great presentation of some of the craziness that plagues this beautiful country: http://www.caracaschronicles.com/2009/01/great-excess-reserves-swindle.html

  10. Charlie Brown Says:

    PS. I will also add another presentation that hightlights some of the issues occurring in the Venezuelan economy that are closely tied to the rest of the turmoil that unfortunately continues to perpetuate Chavez’s power:


  11. Richard Says:

    I am really impressed that you devoted time to discuss about this guy. I am so dissapointed after I read about him and the kind of things that he has been doing for the population of Venezuela. Is interesting the opposite point of view that you get we talking with the pro party and the opposition . Looking in detail about the real situation I have not doubts that this guy is not a democrat…


    Este comentario lo escribire en español, porque mi ingles no es nada bueno, se me ha olvidado por falta de practica.
    Chavez es un ser primitivo, que llego al poder por dos cosas, suerte en la vida y un pueblo ignorante que creyo en el.
    Es totalmente ignorante y yo diria una persona que no le llego nunca la lògica a su cerebro, y asi actua y manda, no tiene idiologia, lo que quiere es el poder por el poder, ademas de creerse un ser superior que no tiene quien lo sustituya, dadas estas caracteristicas tiene a Venezuela destruida para dolor de su pueblo.

  13. Venezuelan Thinker Says:

    Ana first of all I want to congratulate you for making this blog, it really shows your identity with your major. Having said that, I want to express my dissagreement on variuos topics that you have touch upon on your blog.
    The first one: Chavez was elected president as you can recall in 1999 with the far majority of the votes because Venezuelan cictizen were looking for a change that was so needed for the country, a change from the same 40 yeard old regime. Now did Venezuelans achive the changet that we wanted by electing Chavez? Well, i could agree that we did, why? becauue we are seeing vast majority of poor people that are now being fed and are coming out of their current way of living, hospitals are being created, new technology communication is being built in the country. I invite you Ana to put in your blog also some of the good things that this government has done. But we disagree on this, but as a Venezueln cittizen that I wa educated on the US system ( I Recieved both myy Bachelors and Masters Degree in the US), I think that what Venezuelas lack is the mentality to get us out from where we are. As you can see from your blog , there is people that wrote here that called the poor people ignorant, this is the Venezuelan way of life we (middle-upper classes) treat the poor as ignorant (for the lack of a better term) when in fact we all are.
    I could go on and on with this topic but i just wanted to make a few points of reflection.
    Lastly I wanted to comment on your Video about President Chavez and the Shut Up that was received by his majesty Don Juan Carlos. The reason behind this was that the ex-prime minister of Spain (Jose Maria Aznar) was on a world tour promoting the ideology of hate against Chavez, so Mr. Chavez was telling Mr. Zapatero ( Spain Current Prime minister) to please tell Mr. Aznar to stop promoting this when in fact there is proof that Mr. Aznar was involved in unofficial deals with the US and corruption in his country ( which involed Don Juan Carlos) therefore when Chavez was questioning him we see the Anger that Don Juan Carlos could control and he explode by saying the famouse Shut Up.
    I as a Venezuelan citizen was appaled by the way my fellow Venezuelans (Opposing Chavez) were so happy about this, once again it shows how we Venezuelans dont care about ourselves. Let me make an analogy, Imagine a president of the US that recieves the same shut up and Chavez did, every american citizen no matter which party will be angry, Why? because if there is one thing that we need to love about the US is how they love their country and we Venezuelan we can learn that.

  14. Pancha josefina Says:

    Dear Thinker: I can understand that some of the people likes “the chavistas , the revolution or maybe the ideology . what i can not understand is that you as the majority of the revolutionary thinkers like , you are trying to sell us the idea that venezuela changes for good and not for bad. Where are the new and well equiped hospitals that you are talking about, who is the people that can go to the market and buy a decent food for their families is the find some .where is the new tecnology ,the russian military trash , or the chineese tractors that are in El concejo , estado aragua. in the chavisstas recuperated land.?
    lets have common sense , maybe and i agree with you thinking that 40 years ago the things were no beter . but realy i believe we the venezuelan as a free nation deserve a better future for us and for our future generations

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