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The Real Venezuelan's Voice September 14, 2009

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Hugo Chavez has strong ties to Fidel Castro, he often sites him in his TV Show

Dear readers,

I want to share with you the situation that Venezuelans are going through right now. With President Hugo Chavez on power since 1999, everything had gone from bad to worse. Families are torn apart and the unemployment rate is higher than ever, and poverty is seen everywhere. Chavez has persuaded the minorities with an idea of a new era which he called Socialism of the 21 century. He is creating a fake environment of more jobs, better living standards, and better education that really do not exist. The socialism has become part of the everyday life of Venezuelans, or should I say communism, since that is what Chavez final goal is. He is using the socialism principle to disguise his true intentions of promoting an idea that has destroyed countries and created regimes of dictators: communism. But the people of Venezuela wants to live under a democratic government where all the people‘s voice is heard and respected.


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4 Responses to “The Real Venezuelan's Voice”

  1. irvin Says:

    I totally agree with you, the people of Venezuela is blind folded by the so called social programs that Chavez used to buy support from the masses. His true intentions are hidden from the public by his tight grip on the communication venues in Venezuela. He is not satisfied with destroying his nation but now he is on a mission to spread his ideology across America.

  2. Rodrigo Izturiz Says:

    I need to confess that I voted for Chavez for his first presidential period, I did it as many venezuelan that believed of its equal opportunities speech and anti corruption concept that were very welcome during that period; 1998.. I was wrong, just a couple years after, he turned 180 degrees in to a pro communism line at the expenses of all venezuela that were forced to adjust to the new social,economic and political reality;. He change the real meaning of democracy by controlling all state powers: Congress, Supreme court and electoral college, forgettings all his committments in pro of a better Venezuela.

  3. Dave Says:

    Is it true that the majority of Venezuelans want a democracy. He seems to have a lot support, granted it from the poor and uneducated, but they seem to like and want what he is providing, which is def not democracy.

  4. Cristhian Says:

    I can relate to your idea. I am one of the victims whose family was torn apart. Two of my uncles worked for PDVSA and were fired after the strike. Consequently, they had to go oversees to find jobs since they could not find a job in Venezuela because of the government’s threats to the private industry if they hired ex-PDVSA employees. It is very sad.

    The ways he lies and takes advantage of the whole world is what really disgusts me.

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