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Honduras has a new president December 2, 2009

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Members of ALBA opposed election in Honduras at the Ibero-America Summit

Honduras has a new president.  This past Sunday, the people of Honduras elected a new president in a peaceful and civil manner that has shocked the international community.  Many countries do not recognize the new government because of way ex-president Zelaya was substituted. I must make a statement here, I will not write about what is right or wrong with the elections, I always had said that we must respect the decision of other nations and that we should not get involved.  I want to talk about something that as a communication major impacted me a lot.  The elections in Honduras was a major news event this past weekend, and Telesur was there to cover the event.  It is about Telesur and Chavez influence on the media that I will write about.

As we all know, Telesur is a television network funded and supported by Chavez.  In plain words it will broadcast what he wants the world to know.  On one hand, Chavez has closed many television stations, radio stations and newspapers; while on the other, he is replacing those mediums with his own channels.  Now, he can control what people hear, see, and read.  It is a win win situation for him.

The countries are grouped in the ALBA not recognize the elections as “illegal and illegitimate” because they were “organized by a dictatorship that has been ignored by the Honduran people and the international community.” The constitutional president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, remains in the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa since last September. From there, called the elections a “lie” that only seeks to “wash the face of a military coup. [Taken from Telesurtv.net]

Telesur broadcast to all the ALBA nations, it is presented as a channel with news and educational programming reaching all audiences.  Well in the recent coverage to the elections in Honduras, Telesur announced that the turn over of voters in Honduras was less than 35%, while respectable news sources like CNN and BBC put the marks close to 65%.  Why would Telesur do something like this? It is obvious that Chavez wants to undermined the election in Honduras and force the international community to reject the new elected government.

This video is a broadcast of RT, a Russian news medium which has the same intentions as Telesur.


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Chavez is closing banks in Caracas

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"All my money is still there. My salary, savings are there," said Deisy Avila.

According to the Wall Street Journal, some 750,000 people are affected by the liquidation of two banks and the closing of two more by the government.  I know that many people in Caracas are worried about the situation, they see themselves with no savings and everything they worked so hard to put aside for later is now gone.

The Venezuelan government has closed down four banks, saying authorities uncovered major financial problems after they took over the banks due to irregularities in their operations. Two of the banks, Canarias and ProVivienda, will be permanently closed and their assets auctioned off, Ali Rodriguez, the finance minister, said on Monday. “The damage caused has been so great that it has severely compromised the solvency of these institutions which therefore requires closed door intervention and their liquidation,” Rodriguez said. [Taken from aljazeera.net]

Why is the government doing this, according to the finance minister, Chavez Administration wants to clean the banking industry.  Minister Rodriguez, claim that these banks were close becase “violations of solvency regulations and unexplained capital increases.

what about thepeople?

“How can I pay for my shopping, my boy’s school? How will I survive? Who will answer for my money?” said employee and depositor Fabiola Martin, among 200 people thronging the Caracas headquarters of one of the banks, Banco Canarias. [taken from reuters.com]

I know that things were really hard in Venezuela, but this has made everything worse.  I see the image on the left, and I can’t help sympathizing with the desperation and frustration this woman must be experiencing right now.  There is no words that can really help in times like this, but I will say to all those affected by the closing that my prayers are with you.

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting piece explaining the closing of these banks, I encourage you to read the article and make your own conclusions.  Just in case the title of the article is  “Caracas Shuts Banks, Sealing Insider’s Fall” you can click on the title to see the full article, but sometimes the WSJ will remove it from is edition and put it in archives, so you can search by title.

Again, I have no words to express my sadness from what has happened.  Many people has spend the whole year saving their money to spend it during the holidays and now they have nothing.  It is a real tragedy.


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First a cartoon, now video games, what’s next? November 25, 2009

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Video Games are now against the law

Remember that a few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Chavez decision to ban TV Show “Family Guy”.  Well, President Chavez is at it again, now he wants to ban any violent video game in Venezuela.  No, you are not dreaming, this is a real law that will take effect soon.  So, say goodbye to the video arcade, they will be a thing of the past.  But, maybe you are thinking, there is the console games anyway.  Think again, the law prohibit the sales of any type of violent games in Venezuela.  It is a bit confusing, so I’ll try to tell you how it works, I had a hard time understanding it myself but I will do my best to explain it.

So, first the reasons the goverment is using to justify the law:

The law is an attempt to tackle the epidemic levels of violence that plague this South American country. Homicides have reached record levels in recent years. Caracas — with 2,710 murders, or 130 per 100,000 citizens in 2007 — has one of the highest homicide rates in the world.[Taken from minnpost.com]

Please tell me that this does not sound silly, to blame the crime epidemic of Venezuela on a video games is a cheap shoot.  Chavez’s Administration must be desperate to use such a childish excuse.  I am not an expert but many studies had done on the subject and none has prove that role playing leads to violent behavior.  On the other hand, lack of essential necessities and poverty has been link to behavioral change.  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you have no job and no food, you will do whatever to provide for your family.  Please do not take me wrong, I am not justifying anyone’s behavior but rather expressing my disgust to a law that does not benefit anyone.

Venezuelan lawmakers were aggrieved by a 2006 video game developed by Los Angeles-based game developer Pandemic Studios. “Mercenaries 2: World in Flames” featured a plot in which “a power hungry tyrant uses Venezuela’s oil supply to overthrow the government and turns the country into a war-zone.” Venezuelan authorities said the game was a barbed reference to the controversial Chavez and that it was a coded plot to stir up support for an invasion of Venezuela. [Taken from minnpost.com]

I feel that the truth behind all this, is another propaganda strategy of Chavez.  We know that he wants to control everything Venezuelans do, hear, and touch.  It is clear that he wants to extend his control now to young adults and children by selecting which activities they can participate.


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“Football for Peace” November 24, 2009

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Soccer for Peace

Until when we have to hear about the pretended war between Venezuela and our neighbor Colombia.   It has being more than two  weeks and we keeps hearing the same stories over and over.  When this problem is going to stop?

Since the president and his fellow followers are not  giving up the problem for the peace of Venezuela. A group of soccer players, most college students,  decided to take action on their own hands.  These students  are promoting a game called “ Soccer for Peace” in which player from Venezuela and Colombia will have a friendly match in order to demonstrate the government of both countries that Venezuela and Colombia can have a good relationship.

Young explained that the activity will be in a friendly football game between a young Venezuelan eleventh and a team of young Colombians.  Zulia leader of “Generation Free”, Lester Toledo, stressed that “harmony, reconciliation, tolerance and joy is what we want for the two countries.  The only reason that we deal with Colombia is in the goals in a soccer field. [Taken from noticierodigital.com]

To the misfortune of Venezuelans, President Chavez, continues  with the idea of a senseless war, which he is the only one that believe it, because  neither the President of Colombia Alvaro Uribe or the people of Venezuela approves it.

When will be the time that President Chavez will take decision thinking not selfish but in its people first. It is inevitable for people not to show hate and rejection towards the poor actions president Chavez has taken, when we have been the victims. This is enough, until when are we going to stand for this injustice!

Below is the statement made by the soccer players:

Young Venezuelans express concern about a possible war with the sister nation of Colombia.

Venezuela far from seeking a war with a country historically brother, who would bring any positive balance, as well history has shown us in past centuries, should be an advocate for a true peace in the region.

Our foreign policy should seek closer ties, consolidate peace and to deepen cooperation with Colombia that will bring benefits to our peoples and Latin America.

Respect should be the basis of our diplomatic relations. Governments and politicians pass, but the history, traditions, language and the border remains.  This is why we consider essential that involve the various political, economic and social of the two countries to implement resolutions to complex issues such as arms trafficking, drug trafficking and subversive groups.

We call upon our Armed Forces who is due to the clamor of the people and seek a far-reaching conflict with Colombia, our nation cries out, as always, for peace.

Think of the young soldiers, mothers, Colombia’s neighbors that make life in Venezuela and Venezuelans who make life in Colombia.

Let us remember the bloodshed that left the twentieth century, probably the most violent in history. Two World Wars, conflicts in the Middle East, civil wars and armed struggles in Africa in Central America left regretted losses.

Children left without parents and children without parents.  Work for a full century of peace, integration, brotherhood and harmony.

The war must be against organized crime, poverty, hunger, poverty and corruption.

Present Future Foundation
Freedom of Movement Generation


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An Eye Openner!

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Another two newspapers were closed by the Chavez Administration

After listening to the interview and commentaries of Mr. Carrol from the Guardian, I realized that my many posts about how Chavez plays the media were not in vain.  It is interesting to hear it from a professional communicator and an authority like the Guardian, they are probably really concerned about the implications of such a manipulative move by Chavez.  There is one thing, I will grant Chavez, as a communication major, he really knows how to use the proper theories and most importantly he finds real application to them.  I must also admit that I really doubt that all this scheme may be his creation, I like to belief that there is another mastermind behind Chavez.  In my opinion he is simply a show man, with a huge ego for television.

Nonetheless, the international media need his, now common, insults and out loud commentaries.  What is a bit striking to me, is the way the international media is handling Chavez constant attacks on the local press.  Since he became president of Venezuela, one of his major objective is to gain full control of the local media.  But, when you try to find news of this events in the international scene, the facts are presented in a very soft undertone.  As if the international media, only cares about the Chavez claiming that the UN smell of sulfur.

Just two days ago, Chavez and his followers did it again.  Another two opposition newspapers were closed, or their licences were not renew, due to their firm opposition of Chavez´ s administration.

Officials from a local tax office in Libertador — the only one of the five municipalities in the capital that’s still under pro-Chavez control — ordered the “closure for an indefinite time” of a daily newspaper, El Nuevo Pais, and a weekly magazine, Zeta, on Thursday. Both publications make little secret of their disapproval of the president and his policies. [Taken from laht.com]

Why are we letting him dictates what we hear or read?  What it is very hard for me to understand is that even at the international level, people have realized that Chavez is a manipulator, but nobody is doing anything to stop him.


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Lets stop the injustice NOW!

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National Guard officials and INTI simultaneously involved five farms in the state of Guarico, claiming vacant lots.

What an injustice. The Venezuelan government has gone too far this time. After intervene five farms in Guárico with the excuse to better use the land., they took possession of the properties and only God knows what they are going to do with them.  If you have being following the news, you will notice that this is not the first time that Chavez‘s administration do this kind of atrocities.

National Guard officials and INTI simultaneously involved five farms in the state of Guarico, claiming vacant lots.” [Taken from noticietodigital.com]

The first farm that Chavez intervene, today is in ruins.  It does not look anything like to what it was before.  It looks like an empty land that never has produce a piece of corn.  I ask myself why the government keep doing this, to intervene farm land if they are not going to produce or use the land at all.

“Our farms are fully productive.  My husband is widely known in Guarico and other states across the country for their great commitment and drive. Our motto is to work and produce for Venezuela.  Venezuela, wake up.  Is the food you are taking.  Chavez reflects.  They had guns to intimidate us. We are not afraid and are ready to everything, “he said. [Taken from globovision.com]

After analyzing this matter deeply , I get to the conclusion that Chavez and his ekuaces  can stand people who are rich or high middle class. It does not matter,  if these people work day and night to have what they have today. The government wants to eliminate the rich as soon as possible since they are an obstacle in Chavezś objectives.   This is an injustice that should be taking care of by the international court.  How many more farms are being intervene in order for us to act? Lets stop the injustice NOW!


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What do people know?

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Chávez praises Carlos, Mugabe: 'I don't care what they say about me in Europe'

Just in my last post, I praised the effort and courage that my fellow students are demonstrating with their hunger strike to encourage the OEA to investigate the human rights violations under President Chavez’s administration.
But what I read today, I have no words to fully express my anger and disgust to this man.  I mean Hugo Chavez, I called him simply a man, a general term because I see no other way, unless to use words that I do not use at all.  In a recent article by the UK Guardian, president Chavez praised some of the most horrible human beings in the world and elevated them to a level of a hero or a martyr.
As many dictators have done in the past, Chavez demonstrate empathy and admirations for the work others like him has done.  But, What do people know? On one hand, we have all the truth about Chavez, while on the other, is what his followers belief he is and what he represent.  Now, somewhere where those two ideas meet is the knowledge we have adquired about the man that is taking Venezuela to a complete disaster.  A man that has realized that he has no limitations and borders, he feels that whatever he thinks is an absolute truth and will destroy anyone who dares to oppose him.  What we know now, it is totally different from the man we thought we helped to the presidency.  This is  a man that has lost his humanity, and here is a proof.

Chávez defended other leaders he said were wrongly branded “bad guys”, including Mugabe and Ahmadinejad, a close ally who is due to visit Caracas this week during a South America tour. He also said that Amin, whose regime is accused of killing 300,000 Ugandans in the 70s, may not have been so bad. “We thought he was a cannibal. I have doubts. I don’t know, maybe he was a great nationalist, a patriot.” [Taken from the guardian.co.uk]

Play this audio file to hear a commentary by Rory Carroll.

I have nothing else to say, after you hear the comments by Mr. Carroll, you will see that there is definitely something wrong with a man that intentionally makes remarks that will cause a lot of harm to people and shows no remorse.


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Students are on hunger strike again! November 23, 2009

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Students disagrees with a government that is sinking us into poverty,

Students are protesting again! And I mean that in a good sense because students want to be heard by the government. They feel that the government is putting them aside as something that does not have value at all.  Just two month ago, in September 28 of 2009, students had a hunger strike to support a student who was arrested just for participating in a protest expressing his opposition to the way the government has acted.

The student Marco Aurelio Quiñones upheld the student will continue the hunger strike until they let in the American Commission to the country. “We can not consider that this government calling itself democratic undermines human rights. Are joining a few more students nationwide. Since the total 16 who are on hunger strike and has said he will not stop here until they are permitted access to the Interamerican Human Rights Commission, “he said.

The student of the University Marshal of Ayacucho, Ramses Guerra, known as the “Walker” said that young people are determined to leave life in the protest because it is time for the national government respects the rights of Venezuelans. [Taken from Globovision.com]

Why this has to happen? Where are the human rights of every Venezuelan?  In this corrupt government, it is obvious that we no longer have human right.  Now,  we have to secure ourself by paying others (the government).  The level of corruption and insecurity in Venezuela has reach levels that even the international community has placed Venezuela in the top most corrupted countries in the world.

I am so proud of my fellows students who got together in an emotive and  brave scene to stand up and show the government that the future of Venezuela will not tolerate more injustice.  It is a beautiful scene to see that across the country  students are fighting for the same cause.  Supporting each other is the key to win this fight, students must stand together and it is our responsibility to support them.   Now, students know the values of numbers, the more they are the more impact they are going to have on the media; which in turns, will force the government to face the issue.

what happened ?  Students are not getting the reaction that they wanted from the government . The Venezuelan government is ignoring all of their petitions. The students want the OEA to come to Venezuela and see the atrocities that President Chavez have done with the country. This time the students are not going to stop the hunger strike so easily. They want an ANSWER. An answer that will satisfied thousands of students around the nations.  I feel that we need to add our two cents to the students efforts by also raising our concerns and forcing the OEA to look at what is happening in Venezuela.  The international community cannot turn a blind eye on such a noble sacrifice.


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New Statistics November 22, 2009

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I cannot understand how people can be satisfied with Chavez’s performance as a president.

I am very irritated and disappointed with the performance of our president.  I cannot believe what I am reading.  People have been brain washed because I cannot understand how they can be satisfied with Chavez’s performance as a president.

According to Noticias24.com, “61,6%  of Venezuelans believe that the performance of the President Hugo Chavez had being good. 36,8% considered that the President ‘s performance is bad. “ [Taken from noticas24.com]

I think Chavez has manipulated the media as he always tries too. I cannot see how this statistics being possible, after all the wrong actions the president has done nationally and internationally.

Lately, Chavez has been  arrogant and ignorant towards Venezuela and other Countries.  He has been selfish and do not care about all the Venezuelans that follow him waiting for his administration to deliver solution that never arrive. He simply does not take the time to find the solution to Venezuela’s problems.   Instead, he fights verbally or corporally with anyone who opposed him, and not thinks about the consequences of his actions.  Chavez   is putting Venezuela against the wall with a bad reputation that no Venezuelan deserved.   I ask myself until when are we going to be in this situation? Why do we have to tolerate all the maltreatment of Chavez? Do we deserve this? All these questions constantly cross my mind with no answer. I hope that some,  you my blogger could tell me the answer and guide me in the right path.

Venezuela is not in its best moment . With a president that does not care about his people and the essential services are getting worse. What can we expect from now?  Is there a solution to our problem?

For now, we need to make people see that Chavez’s reality is not our reality.  As an example, for the president the local economy is doing good, but on the other hand the statistics shows something totally different.

“80,2 %  insecurity,unemployment (37,1%) and utilities(29,4%).”[Taken from noticias24.com]

These rates are alarming…. It is time to wake up from this dream, because  the future that it is waiting for us is getting darker and darker.


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Chavez vs Uribe

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President Hugo Chavez insulted his counterpart of Colombia, Mr. Alvaro Uribe

Lately, President Hugo Chavez insulted his counterpart of Colombia, Mr. Alvaro Uribe. The invective to Uribe contained acre words such as hypocrite, stupid, and U.S’s lackey. In addition, it seems that these aggressions against Colombia will continue in the future. But, why is President Chavez so angry about?  He insists that Colombia and United States have a complot against him and that Colombia’s installation of U.S. military bases is a clear sign of that. We all know that this is not true. Colombia has had many problems with the guerrilla FARK, and is using the American’s help in trying to eradicate such problem that has been holding back the Colombian’s progress.

“The Venezuelan news media has said that President Chavez already started to take action against Colombia by destroying two artisanal bridges.  Despite this aggressive attack by Chavez, the Colombian government has said that the only possible way of addressing this confrontation is through peaceful dialogue and the use of international organizations.” [Taken from eluniversal.com]

Without a doubt, Venezuelan’s president, Hugo Chavez, is trying to put President Uribe against the wall; however, Chavez has not received any retaliation or cue from his counterpart indicating that a war between frontier countries could ever take place.

“According to the Venezuelan newspaper, El Universal, the Colombian government has said that Venezuela will never even hear a whisper of war as far as Colombia is concerned.”  [Taken from eluniversal.com]

In my opinion, President Uribe is managing this delicate manner with shrewdness in order to smooth out the roughness that certainly there is between them.  I would like to know what the real reason behind Chavez’s aggressive behavior is. I hope that President Chavez analyzes carefully the situation because violence and war will not solve any problem.


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